Written by Dr. Michael Feulner on August 9, 2011 in Chiropractic

Dizziness is not a disease, it is an indication that there is something wrong somewhere in your body. The dizzy spells are your body’s WARNING system that tells you, something is interfering with the proper function of your body’s organs, nerves, glands, or muscles.
Dizziness is a SYMPTOM.
Not a disease.
As a chiropractor we know the relationship between your upper neck bones and that misalignments can cause vertigo, which is a fancy medical term for “dizziness”.

REMEMBER: All of the functions of your body are under control of your nervous system. Your nervous system originates in your brain where nerve energy is transmitted down through the spinal cord inside your spine and branches out between the vertebrae as spinal nerves.
Often, something causes your spine to twist or move the wrong direction. You can just fall asleep on the couch and cause this. This twist creates a misalignment of your spinal bones which can put pressure on your delicate, super sensitive nerves in your body, which interferes with the transmission of nerve energy at 100%. I look at it like I do the ON/OFF switch to a lamp.
If the power is turned on, with no interference, the lamp works fine. If there is a problem with something in the electrical wiring (like your nervous system) there will be a problem with the lamp working, even though it may seem like it’s the switch.
Now you could replace the light switch, but what if it’s in the wiring outside the light switch or the fuse box, changing the switch won’t help. The same goes for treating your body with drugs. If you have something wrong and you cover it up, you’re not treating the problem.
You’re not taking care of the problem,
you’re treating the symptom.

After ruling out other causes, such as caffeine and aspirin sensitivity, we diagnose the problem as a spinal misalignment. If the front end of your car is misaligned, you’re not going to fix the problem, putting new tires on the front end continuously.
Through gentle aligning techniques, we can relieve the pressure on these sensitive spinal nerves, allowing your body to heal itself.

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